Favorite Chocolate Bars


Favorite Chocolate Bars

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Favorite Chocolate Bars


Every year when we do our Dessert Trends report, we all put aside our love of spinach and celery to eat the hard stuff, the stuff no one else will eat. Like cake. Candy. Ice Cream. Cookies.

Someone’s gotta make the sacrifice.

This year we decided to focus on chocolate, and that got some of us thinking about our favorite chocolate bars. We all loved the story of one of our analysts who told how, as a child, he pounced on a huge bar of baking chocolate, thinking it was the biggest, cheapest candy bar he’d ever seen! His mother let him experience it for himself, hearing the groans when he greedily bit into that thick bar of unsweetened chocolate.

My candy bar of choice has always been the Snickers bar. It’s got that great combination of sweet and slightly salty (ahead of its time), with the multiple textures of nuts and nougat and caramel mixed with the chocolate. It’s the perfect bar for the kid who loves it all and doesn’t want to make a single choice.

Choices are a little more complicated these days. Snickers is now available different varieties, including a frozen form. How to choose?

So, in the interests of experimentation, I had to try them all. Too bad I can’t say that only one will satisfy, because they all did. Each of them has its charms, and going forward, it may just depend what I’m in the mood for. Or maybe a little more product testing is needed. I’m sure that’s it

Someone’s gotta do it.

Feel free to comment. In the meantime, the author will be on the treadmill.


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