Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars Coming Soon

Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars Coming Soon

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Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars Coming Soon


As far as I’m concerned there’s almost nothing better than a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie. I’m guessing a lot of you reading this feel the same way. They are so good.

Well, get this. Soon, very soon, we’ll be able to sink our sweet tooth (teeth?) into Girl Scout Thin Mint candy bars! And if your classic Girl Scout cookie favorite is the Peanut Butter Crème or the Caramel Coconut varieties, you’ll be able to get those in candy bar form, too.

The Nestlé company this week announced plans to make a limited edition Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bar to be sold June through September at retailers nationwide. They will not be sold door-to-door by Girl Scouts, however, so you won’t be bothered by friends and co-workers to buy them from their daughters. Actually, I might miss that part of the scenario.

The deal is part of the 100-year anniversary of the Girl Scouts, and is likely to raise stacks of money for the organization with tens of millions of the candy bars expected to be sold.

But, as reported by Bruce Horowitz for USA Today, some nutritionists are throwing a wet blanket on the promotion.  “The Girl Scouts are being used to sell another unhealthy product,” says registered dietitian Hope Warshaw. “A product that has the halo of youth on it ought to be something healthy.” Spokespersons for Nestlé and the Girl Scouts were quick to point out that the bars are targeted to adults, not kids, and should be part of a balanced diet. “They should be enjoyed in moderation,” says Cherry Joh, marketing manager at Nestlé Crunch. Joshua Ackley, PR manager for Girl Scouts of the USA, says, “It’s considered a snack treat.”

Well, yeah. I mean, I don’t plan to eat a whole box of candy bars in the same way I might do with a box of Thin Mints.

Although I probably could.

In case you’re counting, the Girl Scouts of the USA sold $760 million worth of cookies last year.

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