Hardee’s Goes Over the Top with Hamburger-Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hardee’s Goes Over the Top with Hamburger-Pulled Pork Sandwich

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Hardee’s Goes Over the Top with Hamburger-Pulled Pork Sandwich


Okay, we’ve all seen burgers with a bit of pork added—as in a bacon cheeseburger. And some fast food restaurants have gone a bit overboard with it, such as Wendy’s Baconator with six slices of bacon layered atop the cheeseburger pattie.

But I think Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. has outdone itself with its new Memphis BBQ Thickburger.

This over-the-top sandwich experience takes a Hardee’s Thickburger and tops it with pulled pork drenched in barbecue sauce. The outrageous concoction also features crispy onion strings and a seeded bun.

Hardee’s new creation is typical macho positioning from the chain that makes no bones about the fact that its “Eat-Like-You-Mean-It” campaign mainly targets carnivorous young males. Have you seen the TV ad promoting this burger hybrid? It features two sexy, sweaty young femme fatales working an outdoor grill. The babes “accidentally” cross a cheeseburger with a pulled pork sandwich, and, voila, the Memphis BBQ Thickburger is born. You can watch the commercial below.

I don’t think Hardee’s will be posting calorie counts on its menu boards anytime soon. Not until the chain is forced to a gunpoint by the U.S. government.

This is one fast food company that I think enjoys going against the grain of the eat-healthier movement led by first lady Michelle Obama.

Hey, more power to ’em. You boys enjoy your über-calorie feast.

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