Localita & The Badasserie: Fast Food, Vegan Style

Localita & The Badasserie: Fast Food, Vegan Style

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Localita & The Badasserie: Fast Food, Vegan Style


Right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ fashion district is a tiny new eco-conscious restaurant with an all-vegan menu, and, as reported by QSR Magazine, it’s already making its mark on the LA dining scene.

Localita & The Badasserie, an 80-square-foot hole in the wall, has been open just over a month. The little eatery is a spinoff of Locali Conscious  Convenience, a deli and market in Hollywood, home of the BadAss Breakfast Sandwich, from which the vegan restaurant derives its name.

The vegan BadAss Breakfast Sandwich consists of a sausage patty, soy-free Cheddar, chipotle sauce and maple syrup on a sprouted multigrain English muffin. The concoction has quite a following in the area and its success was the inspiration for Localita & The Badasserie’s slogan: “Finally…vegan food that tastes like it isn’t.”

Melissa Rosen, owner of the little quick-service restaurant, says the place offers “a fun, sassy take on vegan eating,” and that the sandwiches are healthy, hearty and satisfying.

Other variations on the BadAss sandwich are offered, including:

  • The Sir Nasty with Sriracha and red onions
  • The Luigi Lover, similar to a meatball sub
  • The S. Daddy Mack, which is like a vegan fast-food burger
  • The Tiki Time, which is Hawaiian-style with vegan bacon, barbecue sauce, and pineapple
  • The Vegan Reuben (voted best in L.A.)

The menu also features smoothies, soups, salads, fair-trade coffee, natural sodas, and snacks. Rosen calls the bill of fare comfort food “prepared with a lot of love.”

She aims the restaurant to be “a comfortable bridge for people who wouldn’t try vegan.”

The tiny eatery does its best to leave a small footprint on the environment, as well. They use locally-sourced organic, non-GMO foods, and make deliveries by bicycle. Rosen encourages customers to text their orders, so the food is ready when they arrive.

Rosen has plans to franchise the concept within the year. She believes the reasonable start-up costs and the sassy branding will be especially attractive to young urban residents and students on college campuses.

I hope they open one near me. I’m ready to try one of those BadAss sandwiches right now.

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