Nestle Girl Scout Cookie Flavors

Nestle Girl Scout Cookie Flavors

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Nestle Girl Scout Cookie Flavors


There is a reason why Girl Scout cookies are a successful fundraiser for that organization.

Yes, there is history, and an affinity for all those who once served as Scouts.

Yes, there is the desire to help out your child, your neighbor’s child, or your co-worker’s child.

But the bottom line is, they taste good.

I’m a sucker for an order form, myself. First on the list, of course, is the Thin Mints. But I’ll also order the Peanut Butter cookies, because they just taste so good with a glass of cold chocolate milk. It’s the easiest way I know to feel like a kid again.

Occasionally I’ll branch out, just because those long lines underneath the shortbread seem so empty, and I’ll order another box or two. But it’s the Thin Mints I order in bulk. I stash one in my freezer each year for those long months in between sales, share one with family, and usually give the other boxes out to those who say, “Nobody asked me if I wanted any!”

Now, there is a solution to two problems we’ve observed: 1) the long months without access; and, 2) the lack of a friendly Scout in your neighborhood. The solution is as close as the grocery store, thanks to the new Nestle Girl Scout Cookie Flavors. They come a couple of ways—masked as a candy bar, and in a box, with individually wrapped “cookies.” They are a mash-up of the best kind—one of your favorite Nestle candy bar flavors, and your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavors.

The three varieties offered in the Limited Time Offer are Thin Mints, Caramel & Coconut, and Peanut Butter Crème, each paired with the Nestle Crunch Bar. Just imagine the Girl Scout flavors layered with the crunch of the candy bar and you’ll be able to guess how good it is.

Yes, they’ve come under some attack over concerns of marketing to children (see AdWeek). But the bottom line is they did these cookies right, keeping true to both the Nestle brand and the Girl Scout brand.

We loved them. Too bad it’s for a limited time.

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