Pickles, Popcorn and Poutine

Pickles, Popcorn and Poutine

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Pickles, Popcorn and Poutine


“Do you know anyplace locally where I can get poutine?”

It’s not a question I get asked everyday. As one of The Food Channel’s resident foodies, I often field random food-related questions. But, really. Poutine?

For those who don’t know, poutine originated in Canada and is made up of French fries topped with gravy topped with cheese curds. Its popularly is spreading south, although I, for one, can’t explain why.

Wait a minute, poutine fans. I’ve tried it. Didn’t like it.

I promise I’m not a food snob. I like French fries. I’m a definite gravy fan, although you can make my potatoes mashed when gravy is around. Cheese curds aren’t high on my list. But even if I loved them, poutine is one of those foods that strikes me as an odd combination. It’s like the guy who said “Yes, I like chicken. And I like waffles. But not together.”

Back to my co-worker’s question. As far as I know, there is no place yet in our community that serves poutine. We have plenty of ethnic foods—Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Southern Fried—but have not yet extended ourselves that far north. I’m sure some restaurateur will discover it soon enough and help to satisfy this her cravings.

Turns out its not the only unusual food she craves. As the conversation progressed, I found she also likes to eat pickles with her popcorn. Dill pickles—the big ones that crunch. “It’s the only way I eat popcorn,” she confessed.

I know that people often make up their own food combinations. It’s probably how chocolate got with peanut butter, and bananas with caramel, and peaches with brandy, and ranch dressing with . . . well, everything. And what appeals to one won’t to another.

Still, pickles and popcorn was a new one. And I may never understand poutine.

But if those foods match your particular food cravings, I promise not to judge.



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