Response to Gulf Storms Helping With Food Distribution

Response to Gulf Storms Helping With Food Distribution

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Response to Gulf Storms Helping With Food Distribution


Convoy of Hope’s Global Disaster Response teams are in the Gulf Coast and have partnered with local organizations to open channels of distribution of food and supplies.

“We are setting up staging areas from where we will be able to distribute food and supplies to communities and neighborhoods that have been devastated by Isaac,” says Jeff Nene, public relations director for Convoy of Hope. “Isaac has devastated many rural communities.”

According to some reports many neighborhoods are under at least 12 feet of water. Thousands of families are without power and clean water and tens of thousands of people have been evacuated.

“As the waters recede we will have our mobile units get food, fresh water and supplies into areas that have flooded,” adds Nene.  “Convoy of Hope will be opening three Points of Distribution in LaPlace, Metairie and Slidell, LA, using local volunteers to distribute supplies to people in need.

Trucks filled with over 260,000 pounds of food, water, cleaning supplies and generators are already in the Gulf Coast area with more on the way.

Postings from New Orleans-area restaurants say they are either open, or waiting for power to come back on in order to re-open, having escaped the worst of the storm this time.

To volunteer to help, check out this link.


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