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Salt of the Earth


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There are certain elements in cooking that are irreplaceable, without which the foods that sustain us would be unrecognizable or even possible. Salt is at the top of this list. While salt has always been a foundational component shaping the way food is seasoned, cured and preserved, the last decade has seen the emergence of different types of salt on our table. From mined Jurassic salt to fleur de sel to regional artisanal salts from every corner of the globe, we now have ready access to a dizzying array of heretofore unheard of varieties of this basic staple.

While much of the hoopla surrounding this most basic ingredient can seem silly, one truth has emerged: different salts affect the flavor and experience of foods distinctly. And the quality of salt is now understood as being of the utmost importance.

Although there have been advancements in technology, the harvesting of sea salt remains an uncomplicated process. Seawater is channeled into basins where sun and wind act together to evaporate the water, leaving pure crystallized sea salt. The salt is then harvested and processed to create coarse or fine crystals. The varying salinity levels as well as other environmental factors dictate the taste of the final product.

The Food Channel World Market has partnered with a leading producer of premium artisanal salt. La Baleine is a French company that produces sea salt in the Camargue region of southern France. The company has produced salt in Camargue since 1856. The region, located in the delta between the two mouths of the Rhone river, has been a center of salt production since the Middle Ages.

The natural flavor of pure seal salt is preferred by chefs and experienced home cooks. The rough texture of the coarse variety also provides a nice salt crunch when added to foods just prior to serving. Visit The Food Channel World Market to get your hands on one of the world’s great natural sea salts, and taste for yourself the difference real salt makes on all the foods you love!


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