Time to Go Fishing!

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Time to Go Fishing!

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Time to Go Fishing!


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You know how some people show pictures of their grandchildren on their phones? And some show pictures of their animals? Foodies, of course, show photos of food. And fishermen? Well, they show photos of fish.

Not fully cooked fish, seasoned and ready to serve. No, true fishermen have photos of their catch fresh out of the water and writhing on the deck. Or spread out, eyes open, in a cooler packed carefully in ice. Sometimes there will even be a yardstick, proof that the fish was worth catching.

The stories are fun, and conjure up images of cool breezes, quiet waterways, gently lapping waves, and a primal battle between man and nature.

The result is, quite bluntly, dinner.

Because for every true fisherman, the value is not just in the act of fishing; it’s in the eating of the catch.

It’s a given that if you catch it, you clean it, gut it, and prepare it (unless, that is, you have a willing spouse or plenty of friends ready to accept your bounty).

So, while this friend shared his photos, I began to imagine the meals that could result.

Fish tacos.


Crab stuffed flounder.

It might be time to go fishing. Or clamming. Or both.

Until then, we can at least look at pictures. Be sure to go Full Screen for maximum impact of this slide show.

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