Waffles for Your Valentine

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Waffles for Your Valentine

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Waffles for Your Valentine


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Valentine’s Day is definitely not the time to waffle over your loved one. Unless, of course, you are talking about delicious waffles, made fresh and . . . dare we suggest . . . served for breakfast in bed! Make them even more fun to celebrate with these heart shaped waffles. You make them with the new Waffle Maker from Babycakes, the same people who brought you the Cake Pop Maker.

You simply pour your own waffle batter into the four heart-shaped impressions and close. Minutes later you can have great waffles, ready to be topped with your choice of syrup, whipped cream or fruit. And, if breakfast isn’t your style, try them for dessert with ice cream tucked in the middle. Your Valentine will love it!


Babycakes Nonstick Waffle Maker Makes 4 Heart Waffles on Sticks


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