We're All Going Crazy for Savi Seeds

We're All Going Crazy for Savi Seeds

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We're All Going Crazy for Savi Seeds


Many people have fallen victim to the “health food craze.” Foods boasting incredible health benefits, claiming to make you lose weight while sitting on your bum, boost your intelligence, or heal whatever ails you. Wheatgrass, anyone? It’s got amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes—and chlorophyll. I tried it once and, personally, felt like I’d just licked my lawn. I commend those who can handle it.

Oprah mentioned Acai berries and they became an overnight sensation, marketed as an energy-boosting, fat-burning, all-but-cancer-healing wunderkind. To my tastes, their counterparts, such as blueberries or cranberries, taste better, and are more easily pronounced.

Craze, defined as “a fad” or “to become irrational,” is an appropriate description for the rush to try a food that is claimed (sometimes undeservedly) to be all but magical. Well, that doesn’t stop us from trying to find the next wonder-food. And, sometimes, we luck out. Sometimes, we rediscover a food that has already been discovered, time-tested, and is measurably beneficial. And maybe it tastes good too.

Sometimes, we can get behind the health food craze and advocate for a product for which we go, well, a little nuts.

“We’re not nuts,” Savi Seeds proclaims in a cartoon speech bubble on each and every package. And, they aren’t. Savi Seeds is a product made from Sacha Inchi seeds, which are growing in popularity among the health food community, for good reason. Sacha Inchi seeds have been cultivated for centuries in Peru, harvested from their star-shaped pods and eaten for their exceptional nutritional value. These small seeds are the richest source of Omega 3—carrying 13 times more than wild salmon. Per ounce, they pack eight grams of complete protein and five grams of dietary fiber, and they’re gluten-free and certified organic.

When I held a package of Savi Seeds, preparing myself to try a new, unknown food, I was thinking, “all of this is great, but who really cares about how healthy they are if they taste awful?”

The good news is, they don’t. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at the rich, nutty flavor and their satisfying crunch. The fact that the ones I tried first were covered in chocolate didn’t hurt, either. But whether in “Cocoa Kissed,” “Karmalized,” or “Oh Natural” flavors, these little seeds are delicious. 


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