What’s Hot at the Bar for 2013

What’s Hot at the Bar for 2013

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What’s Hot at the Bar for 2013


Things have gotten a bit boring at bars, taverns and lounges in the past couple years, but it looks like those who want more fun with their cocktails may be in luck in 2013.

At least that’s the opinion of Camper English, international cocktails and spirits writer and the publisher of alcademics.com. English recently revealed his cocktail forecast for the coming year at Details.com. English says we can look for brighter and less-filling drinks served up more quickly, in fresh new formats and with a splash of humor.

Here’s an abridged version of Mr. English’s predictions.

Carbonation Nation. New tools like the Perlini cocktail shaker and the iSi Soda Siphon have bartenders on a bubble kick. Adding fizz changes a cocktail’s texture and adds zip, English says.

Molecular Mixology 2.0. While artisans of the molecular craft still do crazy stuff like carmelize cocktails with 1,500-degree pokers and chill glasses instantly with liquid nitrogen, we will be able to have our eye candy and actually drink it, too.

Meat at the Bar.  The connection between butcher and bartender is getting closer. The dull bowls of peanuts and pretzels are being replaced at the bar with something you can sink your teeth into. Look for snacks from the realm of charcuterie and chicharrones, says English.

Low Impact Liquor. Now that bar hopping has once again become the preferred alternative to clubbing, imbibers aren’t looking to get hammered in two cocktails flat. Palatable spirits with low-alcohol ingredients have never been more accessible or trendy.

Slow Drinks, Faster. We all enjoy a fancy cocktail on occasion, but not when it requires a 20-minute wait. Smart, considerate bartenders are devising clever ways to get cool cocktails to you quicker. Some examples: serving batch cocktails like punch, putting mixed drinks on tap, and bottling popular menu items before bar service begins.

You can read Mr. English’s original cocktail forecast here.

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