ZAGAT Names Top Ten Most Annoying Cocktail Trends

ZAGAT Names Top Ten Most Annoying Cocktail Trends

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ZAGAT Names Top Ten Most Annoying Cocktail Trends


ZAGAT, the respected restaurant review people, have come out with a new top ten list: the ten most annoying new cocktail trends. It’s part of the company’s first-ever mixology survey, and this list reflects comments made by voters who participated in the survey.

Author James Mulcahy begins with a question: “Can we all agree that no one wants vodka that tastes like marshmallow?” Okay, yeah, we’ll go along with that. Weird flavors of vodka (such as cupcake, peanut butter & jelly, and hemp) was one of the “top” vote getters on the annoyance spectrum.

Others in the top ten included:

Too many ingredients. Drinks with a high number of ingredients take too long for the bartender to make, and often end up “tasting like mud,” according to one survey participant. When the cocktail ingredient list gets to ten or more, it’s just too much.

Drinks over $15. Everyone knows that restaurants garner nice profits from cocktails, but when drink prices start to climb into the range that you pay for a dinner entrée, something’s gotten out of whack.

Molecular cocktails. Adding liquid nitrogen makes a cocktail look cool with all the mad-scientist smoke, but it doesn’t add much in terms of flavor. Another complaint about them—you can’t replicate them at home.

Herbal and floral infusions. Many in the ZAGAT survey found this trend irritating. “Half these ingredients sound like they come from the land of Smurfs,” one commented. Another said many of these drinks were “like spraying a can of Glade in your mouth.”

Bacon in drinks. At the breakfast table, it’s great. In a drink, not so much, said those surveyed. “Drinks are meant to be drunk, not chewed,” said one.

Enough with the retro. It seems a good many tipplers are tired of the whole “let’s drink like Don Draper and the Mad Men crew” scene. The cocktail onion went out for a reason, sums up ZAGAT.

You can click here for ZAGAT’s complete top ten list of the most annoying cocktail trends.

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