Campaign to Put Paula Deen on The Food Channel

Campaign to Put Paula Deen on The Food Channel

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Campaign to Put Paula Deen on The Food Channel


Want to see Paula Deen on the REAL Food Channel? Send an email to Just read how one loyal fan of Ms. Deen’s did it:

Dear Paula Deen:

I was so mad when you got fired. I’ve heard your name. I’m really not a cook. A lot of people in my family watch you all the time. I’m so mad about this craziness of you being fired over stuff that you, and the rest of this world, said decades ago and never intended to offend anyone.

Anyway, I wrongfully emailed The Food Channel expressing my anger over you getting fired. It turns out that’s the wrong place.

Well, The Food Channel sent back the most ingenious and nice response. I wanted to share it with you.

Here is the email I received from The Food Channel:

Attention all those who love Paula Deen.

We’ve been getting your emails. Your phone calls. We’re pretty sure the good old fashion hate mail will soon follow.

We get that you are mad about her contract not being renewed. The problem is, you are calling and writing the wrong people.

Yes, we are The Food Channel. Have been since the 1980s, when we trademarked the name and used it for a newsletter, then a website.

However, we are not The Food Network, the company that helped to make Paula Deen a household name. Nor are we The Cooking Channel. Both of those broadcast channels are owned by the Scripps Television Network.

We are not owned by Scripps. We are independently owned. We do not have a full channel on TV, although we are experimenting with taking some of our shows to TV—but unless you live in select test markets, you aren’t seeing them just yet. We don’t carry programming created by Paula Deen, nor do we carry Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, Tyler Florence, Ina Garten, Giada, or any of those celebrity chefs that everyone enjoys watching (including us!).

So, the best we can do is point you to the Scripps Television Network snail mail address.

The Home of the Food Network
75 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

And, if Paula Deen is interested in helping to grow the real Food Channel into something that you all will watch, we are all ears. We want to take her apology seriously, and believe we can be part of helping her use this as a way to address such issues in the future, if she so desires. Tell her to contact us at

We’re getting her mail anyway.

Paula, this was sent by a Kay Logsdon. Please get a hold of her. I think promising things can happen for you both.


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