Make Your Own Twinkies!

Make Your Own Twinkies!

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Make Your Own Twinkies!


Are you suffering withdrawals from the Twinkie, a now-defunct Hostess brands product? If you need your fix, we have a homemade Twinkies recipe to offer, courtesy of KitchenAid Products Section on Guess they know the need for a fix when they see one!

Hostess and Twinkies are in the news again because a judge has reportedly ruled that a company auction can take place on February 28, at least for its bread brands. So the question might eventually become, whoever wins the Hostess and Twinkies names, will they keep the recipes the same? Or try to put their own spin on them?

So, in case the real thing disappears from the shelves, diehard fans can learn to make their own. No, it’s not quite as easy as throwing a wrapped Twinkie into a lunchbox, but it has the advantage of ingredient control. Anyone out there willing to try it out?


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