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Pozole Blanco


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I’m not sure you need a reason to enjoy a great Mexican-themed meal. But if you do, September 16, 2013 is National Guacamole Day. Enjoy our recommended guacamole recipes, of course!

But don’t stop there. We have a new recipe straight from Mexico: Pozole Blanco.

It’s the kind of recipe you get when you pay attention. You see, one of our Food Channel chefs is from Mexico, and she’s talked about some of her family recipes—in fact, she’s made a few for us to sample. But until now, we didn’t take the time to capture the process or a photo. We’re making up for that now, with this great meal you can make at home yourself.

It’s a wonderful soup made from the stock of chicken and pork mixed together, with cooked hominy. Patricia tells us one secret is to cool the meat separately and put the broth together to cook the hominy, adding a little thyme when you cook the meat and going sparingly on the salt.

Then, it’s a simple matter of assembly. Take your hominy and plenty of broth and add anything you like—as you can see, we added radishes, lettuce, chopped white onions, and a nice sprinkling of oregano (very important to the overall flavor). Top that with fresh avocado, sprinkle it with a squeeze of lime, and serve with a toasted tortilla spread with quality sour cream.

This is Pozole Blanco at its finest, with an intensely flavorful clear broth. But you can also try your hand at Pozole Verde with tomatillos, or Pozle Rojo with dried chiles.

Bet you can’t stop at just one bowl.

But pace yourself, because there’s flan to follow! This is a beautifully smooth pecan flan that completes the meal. So celebrate–you can find a reason!


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