Thai Cooking in a Sufi’s Kitchen, by Alima Ravadi Quinn

Thai Cooking in a Sufi’s Kitchen, by Alima Ravadi Quinn


Thai Cooking in a Sufi’s Kitchen, by Alima Ravadi Quinn

Are your taste buds longing to travel and experience the many spices and exotic flavors the world has to offer? If so, then step into the kitchen of Sufi chef Alima Ravadi Quinn and learn the art of Thai cuisine like never before.

After 25 years serving as founder and owner of The Emerald of Siam Thai Restaurant in Washington state, Quinn has compiled her favorite traditional and personal recipes into one unforgettable cookbook. Thai Cooking in a Sufi’s Kitchen, Quinn’s third publication, showcases the beauty and intricacies of authentic Thai cuisine leaving you anxious to create masterful dishes within the confines of your own kitchen.

Vivid colors and imagery will awaken your senses and motivate you to pursue these adventurous culinary endeavors. Whether hosting a dinner party or cooking for a small circle of family and friends, Quinn’s variety of recipes will ensure your guests’ satisfaction. From meat and vegetarian dishes, to appetizers, desserts, and beverages, there’s surely something for everyone to enjoy!

With step by step instructions and illustrations to assist in the preparation process, recipes are easy to replicate, bringing Thailand right to your front doorstep.

Whether a lover of Thai food, or simply looking to broaden your culinary horizons, Thai Cooking in a Sufi’s Kitchen is the perfect cookbook to add to your collection.                                                                                                                                                    



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