What is a Jelly Roll Pan?

What is a Jelly Roll Pan?

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What is a Jelly Roll Pan?


A Food Channel Tip:

Does your recipe call for a “jelly roll pan,” but you aren’t sure what that is? In our great-grandmother’s day, sheets with a rim around all four sides were used for making delicate sponge cakes that were layered with jelly and rolled. Some recipes still call for the pan, and it can be a bit off-putting.

So, don’t be deterred from making a dish that calls for a “jelly roll pan” just because you think you don’t have one. It’s simply a baking sheet with a rim that allows you to get a short crust up the side. Even that isn’t necessary in most recipes—the rim is just an easier way to get a handle as you pull the sheet out of the hot oven. Chances are good you have a “jelly roll pan” and just didn’t know it!

Picture is a class jelly roll pan from Williams-Sonoma.


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