Behold the Spooner Tomato

Spooner tomatoes compared to cherry tomatoes

Behold the Spooner Tomato

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Behold the Spooner Tomato


There’s nothing like a surprise from the garden, and that’s what we got from this local home garden–something they call the “Spooner.” It’s a tiny tomato, smaller and different in texture and flavor than the cherry tomato or the grape tomato. The ones we received were grown from the ground, not a pot, and reportedly are a cross between a Spoon and a Piccolo tomato.

As we investigated further, we found that our local gardener got the seeds through an Etsy purchase. You might want to check out the link and see if there are any left.

It’s a nice burst of flavor and perfect for a salad, with just a little bit of tart and a “pop” when you bite down on it. Let us know if you know more about this variety–we have found a new favorite salad tomato!


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