Do You Want to Bake a Snowman?

Don't have a snowman pan? Make a three layer cake!

Do You Want to Bake a Snowman?

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Do You Want to Bake a Snowman?


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Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit more completely than acting like a kid. And nothing is more like a kid than making a snowman! That’s why our eyes lit up when we saw the Williams Sonoma baking plan that produces a perfect snowman cake.

It was even better when one of our culinary artists changed the words to the popular song from the Disney movie, Frozen, and  started singing, “Do You Want to Bake a Snowman?” (Note for the uninitiated: the correct words are “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”).

We just decided we couldn’t resist the fun, and figured you might want to bake a snowman and sing along with your kids, too. No matter how old they are!

For this creation we decided we needed a cake that would sort of “stand up” by itself, and immediately thought of an old favorite wheedled out of a friend years ago—it’s a Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cake that is usually made in a Bundt pan. It’s moist, really needs no frosting, and just the thought of it had our mouths watering!

We made one without the chocolate chips, too, for a little variety in our decorating options, and you can improvise with any ingredients you like—white chocolate chips, nuts, whatever you enjoy.

While we were thinking snowman, we played with a few other decorating ideas, too. Find the one that’s right for you.

So, whether your part of the country gets snow or not, it’s time to BAKE a snowman!

You know you want to.


Cake recipe courtesy of Doreen Nissley, Lancaster, PA


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