The Flavors of Summer at Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse

The Flavors of Summer at Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse

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The Flavors of Summer at Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse


What comes to mind when you think summer? Sizzling steaks, spicy rubs, fresh veggies, and some new flavors to bring to the table. It’s the time of year when a simple visit to the local farmers market can yield all kinds of great foods and inspiration.

For many people, just the act of getting the grill out signals the start of summer, and that’s why Smith & Wollensky Executive Chef Matthew King is sharing two recipes that will get those summer juices flowing!

The Chef, in fact, visited the supplier for his steaks, Prime Food Distributor, in order to put his own eyes on the meat. He told The Food Channel that he visits periodically and enjoys checking out the high quality beef. Pointing to a piece of hanging beef he said, “Out of here we get our rib eyes for the summer. Right now we’re doing a great Cajun marinated rib eye. It gets marinated for 48 hours with some Cajun seasoning, onions, and a little bit of oil. It gets broiled–that creates a really really nice char! It gives it a nice crust , with just a little bit of heat to it.”

The chef adds, “it goes really well with a creamy corn dish we’re serving with our summer menu. If you are doing this at home, all it takes is some nice summer corn, cream, manchego cheese and a little bit of ancho chili butter.”

Chef Matt has shared the recipes for both the Cajun seasoning and the corn dish he recommends–so all you have to do is pick up some corn on that trip to the farmers market! The Cajun Rib Eye starts with a homemade marinade that is sure to heat things up around your grill. Pair it with the Creamy Corn with Manchego for that perfect balance, and entertain in style. Make your event even more special adding to your grill knowledge with Chef Matt’s Grilling Tips.

Chef Matt shared these tips and these two easy-to-make recipes to bring more sizzle to your summer flavors. So pair your own version of his Cajun Rib Eye with his Creamy Corn with Manchego, add a cold drink, and before you know it, it’s summer—and you are King of the Grill!

If you don’t have a Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse in your area, you can still try these excellent cuts through online ordering, fulfilled directly from the distributor. They make it easy to choose your steaks for your next special occasion.



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