Permission to Buy, Not Bake

Permission to Buy, Not Bake

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Permission to Buy, Not Bake


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Not all cookies have to be homemade. Heresy to a baker, perhaps, but for much of the world, those cookies you find at the store can be a lifesaver.

I remember when my children participated in bake sales, or needed snacks for an after school event, and I wore myself out trying to not be the working mom who took the easy way out. I’d stay up all night if necessary in order to deliver fresh-from-the-oven cookies.

And, I remember passing a steady succession of moms who handed over packaged products, where their only contact with the ingredients was reading them on the side of the package.

These days, moms have all lightened up a little—and baked goods in the grocery store aisles have gotten better, with more variety. The latest trend in baking is hand-touched over homemade, meaning that starting with a mix is more than acceptable, and ordering those cupcakes from the bakery counter means you had a hand in baking them.

We looked at a few of the latest offerings as well as reasons to buy–and top on our list was to avoid some of the hard parts, like producing something gluten free. That’s why we liked the debut of the gluten-free line of Figgies & Jammies from Pamela’s Products. As far as we can tell, they are the first nationally distributed gluten-free fig bars, and are available in four flavors (mission, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry).

We also like to buy something like biscotti, so when Nonni’s came out with its new wintertime flavors of Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread, we were sold. Or, should I say, buying.

So this holiday season, check out some of the latest cookie varieties found in your local grocery store, both packaged as well as fresh from the bakery section. If it checks off one thing on your list and gives you more time for the things you enjoy, give yourself permission to buy, not bake.




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