Potbelly's Secret Is Out!

The Elvis from Potbelly's Secret Menu

Potbelly's Secret Is Out!

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Potbelly's Secret Is Out!


Secret menu items are the stuff that food lovers hold as currency. Knowing that ordering “Animal Style” at In-N-Out Burger got you pickles, extra spread and grilled onions was just one way to lord it over your more clueless friends.

Well, now a popular Chicago-based eatery has gone public with its own underground menu thanks to Thrillist. At Potbelly Sandwich Shop you can now invoke the name of Elvis and be served a sub made up of peanut butter, bananas and Nueske’s bacon. Order the Sicilian and end up with meatballs, mushrooms, marinara, Provolone, and hot peppers all on top of the usual Italian sandwich. In other words, the underground menu is not for those who don’t mix their flavors.

There are four ice cream-based desserts, too, but to get them all you’ll have to go to the source. Check them out next time you are in Chicago, starting with the Potbelly at Chicago Midway International Airport. Or, go ahead. Take a Fireball on the plane with you. What’s a little chili and hot peppers among friends?



Photo used by permission of Sean Cooley/Thrillist.

Disclaimer: Potbelly is a client of The Food Channel, LLC’s sister company, Noble. No remuneration was received for this article.



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