Coffee Art For Valentine's Day

Coffee Art For Valentine's Day

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Coffee Art For Valentine's Day


Looking for something extra special to brighten up your Valentine’s morning? Try making this.

The infographic features step-by-step tips on how to create the perfect heart foam art, courtesy of George Kim of Caffebene.

Coffee has been on our radar for years—back in 2011 we even called it out in our beverage trends, knowing that it was only getting hotter.

Caffebene’s been one of the companies we watched, too. Caffebene USA® is a coffeehouse franchise that started in South Korea, with the idea of integrating culture and tranquility into fast-paced international cities—and into our fast-paced, grab-n-go lives.

Since that 2011 trend report came out, we’ve seen the evolution of coffee to include “blond” roasts, single brew cups, home espresso machines, and butter coffee.

So, as you think about your favorite way to have coffee, also think about adding a little foam art to your day . . . or to the day of someone you care about on Valentine’s Day.  


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