Father's Day Feast

Father's Day Feast

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Father's Day Feast


Dad doesn’t usually ask for much on his big day, but that shouldn’t keep you from honoring him with a menu of foods fit for a king.

Chances are, he loves foods cooked outside on the grill—and he’s probably the grillmaster. This year, let him relax while you take over the tongs for the day.

Now, you could grill him a steak, of course. You can’t go wrong there. But why not try something a bit more “out there.” He likes beer, right? And grilled chicken? Combine the two and grill up some oh-so-moist-and-delicious Beer Can Chicken. He’ll love it, and the kids will get a kick out of glimpsing the headless bird sitting upright on a can, roasting to perfection. It is kind of funny-looking.

Ribs are another main dish option. If you go this direction, we recommend you keep it simple. Maybe use a pork rub seasoning blend, add a little salt and pepper, and not much else. Here’s one smoky-good Grilling Ribs recipe that uses a dry rub–but feel free to add BBQ sauce according to your taste (or Dad’s) preferences.

To make it a real feast, serve up chicken AND ribs. (Hey, Father’s Day rolls around but once a year.)

Classic German Potato Salad makes an excellent summer sidekick to the beer can bird. Our recipe is so good, you may want to enjoy it year ’round. Dad will definitely dig this dish.

For dessert, try our super chocolatey Missouri Chocolate Sheetcake. It’s an incredibly moist and tender cake with buttery chocolate icing and toasted pecans. It’s a sweet way to put a cap on Dad’s day.

More ideas for Dad’s Day

Okay, that’s our menu. Fairly simple and straightforward. Ideal for a square shooter like dear old Dad. Now here are a few other ideas to make him feel like he’s king of the hill.

  • If he’s a big sports fan, let him watch the game—more importantly, watch it with him, and share in the cheering for his team. Father’s Day is also the final day of the U.S. Open PGA golf tournament. If he’s a fan, you should try to be one, too. At least for this one day.

  • If Dad’s a big music lover, put on some of his favorite songs, and crank it up loud like he likes it.
  • Let him relax with the Sunday newspaper, or nap on the couch if he feels like it.
  • Watch a “guy movie” together. Something with lots of explosions, car chases and action heroes. Or whatever he’s into.
  • Encourage the kids to make handmade Father’s Day cards. And the opening of presents should be conducted with a lot of fanfare.
  • Father’s Day is June 21. Make this year’s celebration one he won’t soon forget. But don’t fret about it. Most dads aren’t really too hard to please. Have fun!


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