Harold's Chicken

Harold's Chicken


Harold's Chicken

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It’s unpretentious. In a university neighborhood of downtown Chicago, with regular customers and a pleasant counter clerk. Perfect for a protein lunch, if you can overlook the fried part, that is. You can get your Coke in a bottle, and white bread comes with the meal.

Got the picture?

That’s a pretty good description of Harold’s Chicken Shack, where you can get some form of chicken or fish. Go too much beyond that, and you might want to look elsewhere. We found it by simply checking for something different from the usual chains. It was billed by Serious Eats as a good alternative to the every day sandwich or salad, and since it sounded interesting, off we trudged, through the Chicago sludge.

Ordering was easy enough–although enough came with one meal that it could have been easily split with a friend. It takes awhile to get your chicken, which is fine–it’s a good indicator of the chicken being freshly cooked.

The food was hot, the napkins plentiful, the little cup of coleslaw tasty, and the fries classically good.

It’s the kind of place to go to when you’ve had enough frou-frou food and need a break, or when you want to sit and not be bothered, and yet still feel at home.

It’s where you go when you want a hot meal that doesn’t cost a fortune, and when your lust for the routine has run dry.

Got the picture?




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