National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day

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National Coffee Day


Ready for National Coffee Day? You can only answer that with a “yes” if you have a cup of coffee in your hand and a fresh carafe filling in the kitchen!

Coffee has changed over the years, and is now as likely to be a latte or an Americano as it is plain old coffee. We’re told it’s a $30 billion industry, and that the average American drinks three cups a day (are you keeping up?).

The equipment has changed along with the style and the flavors, giving you the ability to customize your coffee experience at home, at a restaurant, or at a coffee shop. We played around with some of the options and created this example to show you—and more great recipes and coffee tips at the bottom of the story.



Coffee Ice Cream Frappe


French Quarter Coffee & Chicory


Classic Irish Coffee


Iced Coffee Caramel Latte


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