2016 Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Drop Cookies

2016 Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies

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2016 Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies


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You know those ugly Christmas sweaters that crop up around the holidays? We got to thinking: What’s the ugly Christmas sweater of the food world?

The answer was at the nearest flea market, with a supply of Christmas plates that some called “cute” and some called “kitsch.” Either way, they made a great backdrop for our annual Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies shoot. This year we focused on drop cookies, since it seems no one has time for anything but the simplest of recipes during the busy holidays. With all these recipes (a baker’s dozen and a bonus) you just mix, drop, and bake, as easy as that.

We worked in a few flavor trends along the way, including a nod to the growing interest in Hawaiian cuisine with our Tropical Island Drop Cookies, and our coffee-drink-turned-to-cookie Peppermint Mocha Frappe Drop Cookies, and our Cold Brew Drop Cookies. Some of these just might be enough to have you set aside your traditional recipes in favor of something new–or at least add a batch for variety!

These cookies all have things in common. They are all simple, with easy-to-find ingredients, and they taste great. Don’t worry about salted or unsalted butter. Don’t worry about shortening. Don’t worry about quantities. Don’t even worry about calories. Focus on being ready for drop-in guests, hungry family members, and the enjoyment of friends. You can even pull out all the stops for a “Kitschmas” that uses all the fun pieces you’ve been given over the years!

So, we’re just going to drop this here and hope that you enjoy a little holiday baking this season with one or more of the following original ideas:


Crystallized Ginger Drop Cookies

Caramel Applesauce Drop Cookies

Chocolate Pistachio Drop Cookies

Peppermint Meringue Drop Cookies

Fruitcake Drop Cookies

Tropical Island Drop Cookies

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Drop Cookies

Three Chip Chocolate Drop Cookies

Peppermint Mocha Frappe Drop Cookies

Cold Brew Drop Cookies

Figgy Drop Cookies

Christmas Pear Drop Cookies

Heavenly Drop Cookies

Butterfinger® Baking Bits Drop Cookies









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