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Athletes need fuel. The intense physical strain that training and competing puts on the body is only possible if the person has the right fuel to do so. Foods and beverages have more to do with sports and athletic activities than most people realize. Sure working out and being able to have peak stamina are important, but without proper nutrition, athletes would never be able to reach their full physical capabilities. Sports drinks, in particular, are playing a key role in helping people achieve their athletic potential.

Years ago Gatorade brought sports drinks to the mainstream with the first beverage that was created to rehydrate and replace electrolytes in athletes. Gatorade is trying to change the game again with their customizable smart cap bottle that keeps track of hydration and can provide each athlete specific nutrients based on their needs.  Today other companies are also looking past electrolytes and are refueling athletes with everything from protein to oxygen. GP8’s new Oxygen Water has as much as 400% the amount of oxygen that regular water has. Not only does it enhance the athlete’s circulatory functions, it combats lactic acid build up because of its alkaline pH level offering enhanced muscular performance. Sports beverages and their unique benefits are becoming a huge asset for athletes.

Whether it’s technology and data, or innovations in nutrient enhancement, sports drinks are going to be a key player in athletic training in the years to come. Beverages provide extra boosts that solid foods sometimes cannot. For example, there are no foods that are enhanced with extra oxygen to boost performance. In addition to the health benefits, beverages provide added convenience. Sports drinks are easily portable and easily ingestible with little to no preparation. This accessibility only adds to the appeal of beverages for athletes. With all of the advantages, sports drinks bring to athletes, brands are not likely to slow down innovation any time soon.


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