Get Your Pokecookies at The Food Channel

Get Your Pokecookies at The Food Channel

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Get Your Pokecookies at The Food Channel


The Food Channel is home to the world’s largest fork, and now the world of Pokémon trainers is fully aware of it as well. After all, it’s now a popular Pokéstop where you can “refuel” and collect more Pokéballs to help you capture as you play the game! To celebrate the fun, The Food Channel is opening up its Culinary Center on Monday, July 18, and serving Pokéball cookies from 11 a.m to 2 p.m. or while supplies last.

“The Food Channel is happy to be a Pokéstop and is celebrating by inviting those who are playing the game to come in for a cookie,” says Food Channel editor Kay Logsdon. “They can refuel the game by gathering a few Pokéballs, and get a little energy for themselves at the same time!”

The Food Channel’s fork is a noted landmark in Springfield, MO where The Food Channel Culinary Center is located and is frequently visited by tourist who have discovered it on sculpture maps and by locals who just want to check it out. It is, to our knowledge, the world’s largest fork, standing 35 ft. and made of polished stainless steel. For more information, see our link.

People stopping are also invited to take a photo of themselves and hashtag it #worldslargestfork, with all photos collected for potential use by The Food Channel.

Come by Monday, July 18 for a little fun while we play along with Pokémon Go!



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