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Time Crunchers

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Time Crunchers


Ever need a quick and easy idea for what to fix? Whether it’s a meal, a snack, a dessert or a drink, The Food Channel has probably made it—and now we’ve condensed our actions down into quick videos we’re calling “Time Crunchers.” Get it? You’re crunched for time . . . we’re crunching the steps so it just takes seconds to watch and learn.

Of course, full recipes are always available at foodchannel.com, along with longer-length videos. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find us, experiment with the foods we love, and develop new skills in the kitchen.

Here are our first three Time Crunchers:

Quick Irish Cream Cheesecake

Quick Veggie Omelet

Quick Deviled Eggs

It’s all there–what are you waiting for! To follow the series, check this link.


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