6 Fun Facts About Melons, Just In Time For Summer!

6 Fun Facts About Melons, Just In Time For Summer!

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6 Fun Facts About Melons, Just In Time For Summer!


Summertime is here, and with temperatures rising, we need all the refreshment we can get! Whether it be a watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew or otherwise – melons are a great source of hydration and nutrition on hot days.

But, what don’t we know? Thanks to AARP, here are 6 interesting melon facts to think about next time you’re chowing down!

Yubari King Melons Are The Most Expensive

Yubari King melons are grown only in a small region of Japan and are known for the uniquely sweet flavor! Recently, two of these melons sold for more than $20,000, making them the most expensive melons in the world.

How Old Are Watermelons?

Watermelons have remained popular for thousands of years! There are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that can be seen depicting the summer fruit.

Eco-Friendly Melon Bottles

(photo credit: Maangchi.com)

Eco-friendly, recyclable, stainless steel – these water bottles are all the rage right now, but early explorers had a leg up on today’s generation. They used watermelons as bowls and canteens to store their water, what’s more eco-friendly than that?

How Old Is The Cantaloupe?

It’s old. The first cantaloupe was cultivated in the 1700’s, in the Italian papal village of Cantalup.

But, How Do You Pick The Perfect Watermelon?

To pick the perfect watermelon, experts recommend that consumers flip it over to make sure that the underside has a nice, creamy yellow spot from sitting on the ground in order to ripen under the sun.

Are All Honeydew Melons Green?

Nope. Consumers typically picture the fleshy insides of a honeydew melon as green, but there is also an orange variety, called the Temptation Melon!

*Don’t stop scrolling! Below are 6 of The Food Channel‘s favorite melon recipes to enjoy this summer! 

Watermelon and Blue Cheese

A refreshing combo you may have not tried, the contrasting flavors of watermelon and blue cheese create a mouthwatering duo! Click here for the Watermelon and Blue Cheese recipe.

Melon Ball Skewers with Tajin

An adorable and easy side dish to pack for your next picnic with a hint of surprise flavor! Tajin is a seasoning made of chili peppers, lime and salt that adds a perfect refreshing kick to melons. Click here for the Melon Ball Skewer with Tajin recipe.

Watermelon Summer Salsa

This Summer Salsa is made with cucumber, watermelon and avocado. Though it’s an unlikely contender for meat pairing, its delicious with this pork tenderloin! Click here for the Pork Taco with Watermelon Summer Salsa recipe.

Watermelon Peach Pizza

A refreshing and fun take on pizza, this Watermelon Peach Pizza is made with Peach cream cheese, whipped topping, fresh fruit and white chocolate. Simply delicious! Click here for the full Watermelon Peach Pizza recipe.

Mint-Watermelon Lemonade

Concepted by one of our chefs who was craving watermelon, this large-batch recipe makes a concentrate so you  can make and store it, adding water as needed! It’s light, refreshing and perfect for hot summer days. Click here for the full Mint-Watermelon Lemonade recipe.


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