CVS "Trend Zones" Highlight A Health-Focused Shift in Retail

CVS "Trend Zones" Highlight A Health-Focused Shift in Retail

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CVS "Trend Zones" Highlight A Health-Focused Shift in Retail


In response to shifting consumer interests, CVS Pharmacy has implemented “trend zones” in select stores to highlight a healthier and in some cases, more socially conscious shopping experience. While most of these ‘zones’ tend to be dietary-focused, such as “Vegan Favorites,” there are those with a larger message. The “Snacks That Give Back” section is health-focused, but only contains products from companies aligned with charities or charitable causes, targeting the more socially focused consumer. 

According to Convenience Store News, since 2016 CVS has been transparent in its push toward stocking healthier food products, and this is just another implementation of that shift. 

Interestingly, the healthy items aren’t just grouped together, they are also segmented by diet trend. This makes it easier for consumers to quickly grab the snacks that fit their dietary needs. Though not called out, it seems the grouping and segmentation of snack and beverage products also embodies the convenience trend. 

The ability for consumers to easily access healthier food products while cutting down the time spent in store, is just another example of how retailers are re-configuring to attract on-the-go yet health-conscious customers. Will we see more retail brands make these clear shifts in stock and strategy? It is definitely a step that unites the convenience and health trends. 


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