Going Out for Sushi? Read This Guide First

Going Out for Sushi? Read This Guide First

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Going Out for Sushi? Read This Guide First


You sit down at the newest local sushi restaurant, open the menu…and now what? When you’re new to the sushi game, any roll can be intimidating.

This is especially true today as sushi continues to trend driven by Instagram-friendly creations such as sushi donuts, and emoji-based sushi menus.

Whether a sushi-rookie or a fish connoisseur looking for a refresher, this five-step guide from the sushi experts at Benihana will help you navigate your sushi experience!

Sip some sake as an aperitif

Enjoy it either hot or cold; it is completely up to you. When it comes to sake, it’s all good.

Move on to miso soup

A delicious blend of miso, green onion, and tofu. Served hot, miso soup opens up the senses and enables your palette to fully take in the flavors of the upcoming sashimi and sushi courses.

Eat sashimi first

A frequent mistake newcomers and even well-practiced eaters make is beginning the course with full sushi rolls. Rice expands quickly in the stomach, filling you up faster. Sashimi highlights the fish and is a lighter and more traditional dish that eases you into the full sushi experience.

Then, enjoy the sushi rolls

The most common misconception about sushi is that it is unsafe because is it all “just raw fish.” All sushi-intended fish must be carefully and specifically prepared in a controlled environment to be considered sushi grade. And, not all sushi is raw.

Always eat your ginger

Photo via Flickr: Sylvar

Eat a bit of ginger as you switch between sushi types. It cleanses your palate between different flights of sushi.

The chefs at Benihana remind us that the most important thing to remember when eating sushi is to just enjoy the experience. Start with something in your comfort range, then build with confidence and progress to more diverse dishes.


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