Munch Mania Round Two

Munch Mania Round Two

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Munch Mania Round Two


It’s time for the Second Round of Munch Mania on

Voting on the initial Scrumptious 16 drafts wrapped this weekend, just in time for basketball’s March Madness® brackets. As a reminder, going head-to-head are the best in sandwich, chili, pizza and wing recipes, working our way down to a final Munch Madness four on March 24.

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Round Two Matchups: – The Amazing 8

Wings – Are you hot or sweet? 

Round 2 Grilled Buffalo Wings vs Sweet and Spicy Boneless Wings

Grilled Buffalo Wings and Sweet and Spicy Boneless Wings

Chili – Traditionalist or open to a new twist? 

Round 2 Chili 7 Ways vs White Chicken Chili

Chili 7 Ways and White Chicken Chili

Pizza – Do you like it hot (like your wings) or hearty and robust? 

Round 2 Buffalo Chicken Pizza vs Master of the Universe Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Master of the Universe Pizza

Sandwich – More traditional New Orleans style or sweet and juicy from Wyoming? 

Round 2 Wyoming Bison Burger vs Muffaletta Sandwich

Wyoming Bison Burger and Muffuletta Sandwich

Make your basketball watch parties the talk of your block, by including a variety of Munch Madness favorites.

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