Pizza: The Food Channel Fan Favorite

Pizza: The Food Channel Fan Favorite

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Pizza: The Food Channel Fan Favorite


Make March Madness® Watch Parties Even More Memorable. 

This weekend, let the Food Channel Fan Favorite recipe from our Munch Madness voting competition help you shine. Be the envy of friends and family by demonstrating mad pizza-making skills with our recipe for Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

What do we know about pizza lovers? According to our consumer-insight partners, Culturewaves® and The International Food Futurists®, pizza fans tend to be traditionalists – and can sometimes be resistant to change.

For example, you’ll find very distinct schools of thought when it comes to the “right” way to eat a pizza. For some, it’s hand-held, while others wouldn’t dream of eating without a fork.

Most of all, pizza lovers enjoy shareable experiences with friends, and tend to be social and outgoing. Loyalty runs high with this group, much like we see with barbecue fans. Whether it’s Chicago, New York, St. Louis, or California, one common trait among pizza lovers is they like to have fun. 

Enjoy March Madness® this weekend and make some memories with great food! 



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