Rosh Hashanah: Make A Fresh Start for the Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashanah: Make A Fresh Start for the Jewish New Year

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Rosh Hashanah: Make A Fresh Start for the Jewish New Year


No two ways about it: the Jewish New Year and subsequent holidays are times of remembrance, celebration, tradition and special foods.

Our friends at have partnered with Kayco, one of the largest distributors of kosher food products, to create some delicious recipes for Rosh Hashana and beyond—with a few “secret ingredients” designed to help maintain tradition while adding a modern twist!

Can’t be Beet

Beets are often found on the Rosh Hashanah table, symbolizing hope for a land free of enemies. They’re also part of today’s “superfood” trend, being packed with nutrition and low in calories.

Victoria’s Red Summer Salad
Whisk by Ami Magazine

Made with the best citrus fruits, this salad is a go-to for any season. Click here to get the full recipe for Victoria’s Summer Salad.

Not Just an old Chestnut

Lower in calories than other nuts and bursting with nutrients, including vitamin C, chestnut love is long overdue!

Smoked Turkey Chestnut Challah Stuffing
Family table by Mishpacha Magazine

I love the idea of turning the stuffing inside out and putting smoked turkey inside! It adds a delicious smoky flavor and is practically a whole meal-in-one. Click here to get the full recipe for Smoked Turkey Chestnut Challah Stuffing.

Soup Up Your Soup

You’ve made soup a thousand times, and it’s good…but it’s not Grandma’s. Did you ever wonder how she got such a rich, deep flavor? The soups below use Empire Chicken Broth instead of water, which is made with quality kosher chicken.

Asian Chicken Soup
Asian Chicken Soup

Get the full Asian Chicken Soup recipe here.

A Honey Of An Ingredient

One enduring Rosh Hashanah custom is eating apples and honey to symbolize hope for a sweet, fruitful New Year. Honey Cake is standard fare, but it can be ordinary. Now, you can transform it into an exceptionally creative treat!

Apple Bubble Ring
Apple Bubble Ring from Family Table by Mishpacha Magazine

There is nothing quite like the tantalizing aroma of a fresh yeast cake. This cake, filled with apples and pecans, is simply delicious. Click here to get the full Apple Bubble Ring recipe.

These recipes and images are courtesy of Shanah tovah! 



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