UFO Beer and Fall Cocktails: Food Channel Finds

UFO Cranbeery Beer//Harpoon Brewery UFO Cranbeery Beer//Harpoon Brewery

UFO Beer and Fall Cocktails: Food Channel Finds

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UFO Beer and Fall Cocktails: Food Channel Finds


This review of UFO Beer is part of Food Channel Finds, our way of bringing information and opinion on some of the latest products to hit the market. These might be interesting food items seen as we walk a trade show, on a grocery store shelf, at food event or, often, from press releases—enticing us to put them to the test, to see how they deliver.

UFO Cranbeery Beer/Harpoon Brewery

The Food Channel recently received samples and information on UFO Beer and its latest line of fall seasonal flavors and cocktail creations, as well as its newest flavor UFO Cranbeery. Brewed with real cranberries from Massachusetts-based farmer’s cooperative Ocean Spray Cranberries, this tart and subtly sweet unfiltered wheat beer is the perfect way to leave summer behind and embrace the autumn season.

Seasonal Brews

We gathered our chefs, writers and insights team for a roundtable sampling of UFO Cranbeery Beer to put it to the test. Our team found UFO Cranbeery Beer to have a very subtle, light and refreshing taste. One of The Food Channel chefs described the taste as tart, sweet, bright and with a lower A.B.V. making it perfect to use as a cocktail mixer or refreshing beverage.

One of the best aspects of Cranbeery Beer is the smooth and lingering aftertaste of malty-wheat. The beverage goes down easily, with a malted finish.

How Can You Get It?

The seasonal beer is offered in a draft, can, bottle and mix pack form – but it isn’t sold nationwide. To see if its sold in your area, use the UFO Locator.

Besides drinking on its own, UFO Cranbeery Beer has great potential as a cocktail ingredient. Below are a couple of recipes to try courtesy of Harpoon Brewery.

UFO Cranbeery Whiskey Sour

Cranbeery Whiskey Sour/Harpoon Brewery

UFO Cranbeery Whiskey Sour/Harpoon Brewery

Click here to get the full recipe for the UFO Cranbeery Whiskey Sour.

UFO Cranbeery Sangria

UFO Cranbeery Sangria/Harpoon Brewery

UFO Cranbeery Sangria/Harpoon Brewery

Click here to get the full recipe for the UFO Cranbeery Sangria.

You can learn more about the product by clicking right here.

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