Shots or Not? How Does Your Cinco Go?

A Margarita Toast. Photo by Luke Bender on Unsplash.

Shots or Not? How Does Your Cinco Go?

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Shots or Not? How Does Your Cinco Go?


With Cinco de Mayo on the horizon, our friends at alcohol retailer Drizly have polled customers about what trips their triggers in terms of Cinco beverages.

Not surprisingly, the fifth of May is a favorite day to enjoy margaritas and Mexican beers. The difference comes in form: some like tequila on-the-rocks, some straight up, and others blended with a little salt on the rim. According to the consumer research from Drizly:

  • When it comes to Mexican beverage preferences, more than 50 percent of consumers said they will mainly drink margaritas on Cinco de Mayo this year, while a brave 26 percent are planning to take tequila shots.
  • In a never ending margarita debate, almost 70 percent of those surveyed prefer margaritas on the rocks (with salt or without), while only 16 percent prefer frozen. Six percent will take any kind of margarita they can get, and the rest don’t like margaritas.
  • Home entertaining is growing again in popularity, especially with Millennials. Drizly’s research bears this out with 50 percent of people surveyed saying they plan to skip the bars and restaurants this Cinco de Mayo, and instead host a party, go to a friend’s, or stay home.

Remember, to always enjoy responsibly and safely.

Cover photo by Luke Bender on Unsplash.



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