Chef Franck Pontais - French Onion Soup

Chef Franck Pontais - French Onion Soup

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MEET FRANCK! – When starting his career, Franck was surrounded by the best food “artisans” and chefs in France . Those were also generous mentors who encouraged him to fulfill his potential to become who he is today. Franck needs and want to give something back and share his passion and knowledge with the next generation of chefs…which could be you!  Try this French Onion Soup and your family will rave!  Watch for more of his recipes on The Food Channel. 


  • Fresh onions 250 gr.
  • (One Cup of Onion equals 150 grams)
  • Butter 50 gr.
  • Flour 25 gr.
  • Vegetable stock 2 litre
  • Brown bread 4 slices
  • Gruyere cheese 150 gr.
  • Salt 15 gr.
  • White pepper 5 gr.


  • 1 Finely chop onions and fry them in butter without letting them get to brown.
  • 2 When they are almost ready sprinkle with sieve flour and continua cooking for one minute or two.
  • 3 Stir the onions with a wooden spoon then pour the port and add the two litre of stock.
  • 4 Continue to cook for a further 30 minutes.
  • 5 Pour into bowl and add crouton of bread on top.
  • 6 Sprinkle generously the Gruyere cheese on top of each soup
  • 7 Pass under the grill for few minutes until they become golden brown.
  • 8 Allow 2 to 3 minutes to cool down a bit and serve.


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