Ginger Cocktail Recipe

Ginger Cocktail Recipe

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Ginger Cocktail Recipe

Ginger Cocktail recipe. This cocktail has an unexpected punch, one that is warmly welcomed by fans of spicy, full-flavored concoctions, and is sure to surprise everyone.

Recipe Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma. Adapted from Williams-Sonoma “Bride and Groom Entertaining”, by Brigit Binns (Gold Street Press, 2007).

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  • 1 knob fresh ginger
  • 1 to 2 fresh mint sprigs
  • Ice cubes as needed
  • 1 jigger (1 1/2 fluid ounces) vodka
  • 1/2 pony (1 tablespoon) sake
  • 1/2 teaspoon simple syrup (see related recipe in "Additional Info")
  • Lime wedge
  • Candied ginger strips for garnish


  • 1 Using a vegetable peeler, peel the fresh ginger, then grate it on a ginger grater or the finest rasps of a box grater. Measure out 1 1/2 teaspoons for 1 cocktail, or to taste. At this point, the ginger can be refrigerated for up to 6 hours.
  • 2 Chill a martini glass in the freezer. Chop the mint finely and measure out 1/2 teaspoon. Fill a cocktail shaker three-fourths full with ice. Add the vodka, sake, simple syrup, grated ginger and chopped mint. Cover with the lid and shake vigorously for 10 to 20 seconds, then strain into the prepared glass. Squeeze the lime wedge into the cocktail, discarding the lime. Garnish with candied ginger.
  • 3 Serves 1.


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