Gluten-Free Scary Eye Cookie Recipe

Gluten-Free Scary Eye Cookie Recipe

Prep Time

3 minutes

Cook Time



1 people

Cute gluten-free food craft for Halloween or anytime you’re feeling a little spooky!

This no-bake recipe shows how creepy can become tasty in just minutes. You are 3 ingredients away from a new favorite snack waiting to be shared! Sometimes playing with your food is fun.

Click here to see the how-to video!


For Each Cookie

  • 1 Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Crème Cookie (or similar cookie to suit your allergy needs)
  • 2 Jelly beans of the same color (I use Gimbals Fine Candies or Surf Sweets)
  • Melted chocolate, such as Enjoy Life Foods


  • 1 Gently separate the top of a cookie and set it aside
  • 2 Place two jellybeans on the edge of the vanilla cream as if looking out
  • 3 Spread melted chocolate onto the back half of the removed top cookie
  • 4 Gently place the top cookie back on, making sure the chocolate-covered side is in the back of the eyes
  • 5 Using a toothpick, dip it into the melted chocolate and draw on the pupils of the eyes
  • 6 Allow to cool completely


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