5 Hot Dog Favorites from Around America

5 Hot Dog Favorites from Around America

Prep Time

5 minutes

Cook Time

5 minutes


1 people

Did you know that Americans typically consume 7 billion hot dogs per year? That’s 818 hot dogs consumed every second. Let that sink in.

So, what does this mean? Americans love their hot dogs, and there are some definite regional standouts, based on local culture and ingredients.

Today, you’ll find ways to top your hot dogs to replicate these favorites:

The Chicago Dog

The Coney Island Dog

The Cincinnati Cheese Coney

The New Jersey Italian Dog

The West Virginia Slaw Dog

Need a visual demonstration? Be sure to watch the how-to video right here!

These recipes are courtesy of the chefs at Rattan Direct, enjoy!


Chicago Dog

  • Beef hot dog
  • Yellow mustard
  • Pickle relish
  • Raw onion, chopped
  • Raw tomato, chopped
  • Hot peppers
  • Pickle spear
  • Celery salt

Coney Island Dog

  • Beef hot dog
  • Brown mustard
  • Grilled/fried onions
  • Sauerkraut

Cincinnati Cheese Coney

  • Pork and beef hotdog
  • Yellow mustard
  • Beef chili
  • Raw onions, chopped
  • Cheese

New Jersey Italian Dog

  • Hot dog
  • Fried potatoes
  • Fried onions
  • Fried peppers

West Virginia Slaw Dog

  • Hot dog
  • Yellow mustard
  • Beef chili
  • Coleslaw, finely shredded


  • 1 Assemble the desired ingredients upon your hot dog to emulate your hot dog of choice.


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