90 Second Chickpea Hummus

90 Second Chickpea Hummus

Chef Cari with The Food Channel is making Chickpea Hummus, a great appetizer for any summer party! Did you know that chickpea hummus has been around for centuries? Now it’s gone mainstream.  Watch as she makes a batch.

This dip is so ridiculously simple to make! First, drain some canned chickpeas–but be sure to reserve some of the liquid because you might need it later.

In a food processor, combine chickpeas with tahini paste, which is actually sesame seed paste.

Add fresh lemon juice, garlic and some olive oil, season with garlic pepper and kosher salt. Then just give it a whirl until it’s smooth!

If it seems a little thick, add in a little of the reserved chickpea liquid.

Now for the chips. Brush flat bread or pita bread with olive oil and give it a sprinkle of salt. Simply warm it in the oven and cut into chips.

This dip is healthy and hearty; it’s also delicious with vegetables or as a sandwich spread. Superb!

Homemade hummus is heart healthy. Say that three times fast!

Now get in the kitchen!

Find the recipe here.

For more :90 Seconds in the Kitchen with Chef Cari, just click here.


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