90 Second Rigatoni Alla Buttera

90 Second Rigatoni Alla Buttera

Watch as Chef Cari makes Rigatoni alla Buttera!

In a large sauce pan heat some olive oil, and start browning your Italian sausage. Add some diced onions and some red pepper flakes. Continue cooking until your sausage is no longer pink. Now we’re gonna add in crushed tomatoes.


After that has simmered for awhile stir in the peas and heavy cream, then season to taste with salt and pepper.


In the meantime cook your rigatoni in heavily salted water; you actually want it to taste like the ocean. Cook until al dente, drain and return to the pot. Now you just want to add the sauce to the pasta, keep a little of the pasta cooking water to add to the pot. The starch in the water actually helps the sauce to stick.


Can’t wait to dive in! It’s a hearty sauce and big open noodles to catch all of the flavors! Find the full recipe here.


Now get in the Kitchen!


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