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04 Sep 15

When I think of BBQ sauce I think of a rich, sweet yet zesty sauce. A mighty sauce that sticks not just on ribs, but on your fingers as (…)

02 Sep 15

Mike Mech shows us a wonderful summer recipe that is perfect for a BBQ or a picnic. This pickling method is simple, fast, and a perfect (…)

29 May 15

Everyone loves the taste of blueberries but we rarely think of blueberries for breakfast lunch and dinner. Chef Mike Mech gets (…)

22 May 15

With farmers markets and farm to table taking center stage in food trends, this green bean recipe from Chef Mike Mech is the perfect take (…)

20 May 15

Mike Mech, the Bungalow Chef, makes a French-style dessert: a Key Lime Napoleon using fresh key limes, pre-purchased puff pastry, kiwi, a (…)

18 May 15

Nothing like a Plum Tart to bring out the best in this delicious fruit.

12 May 15

Everyone had a family member that, as we were growing up, was the “Bringer of the Potato Salad” for every holiday, birthday, (…)

07 May 15

Holidays are a time to celebrate tradition. And this year for Mother’s Day I want to celebrate my great-grandmother, Rose Schade, and her (…)

22 Apr 15

Root vegetables are great as a side dish to any “hen” or “roast” meat that you might be preparing, and so easy to (…)