Foodie Gifts Part One

Foodie Gifts Part One

Getting ready for the holidays is a big deal. You have to think through the shopping, the meal planning, the decorating, the invitations, the gifts . . . it can easily take away any spirit of celebration. So, we’ve created this series to help you get through it all with your gifts wrapped, your meals made, and your spirits intact. Hosted by Emmy-award winning anchor Joy Robertson, we take you through The Food Channel Test Kitchens, plus some of our off-site locations to show you how to prepare for the holidays whether you are at home or checking out some great restaurant somewhere. And if you are looking for some foodie gift ideas, this series is a good place to start looking!


18 Sep 19

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, Carolyn Scott, the Healthy Voyager, visits historic Quebec, the predominantly French-speaking province in (…)

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