Foodchannel Finds: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Blends

Foodchannel Finds: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Blends

We’ve started a new Food Channel Finds podcast, focusing on some of the interesting and new food items or locations we find in our travels. It’s our goal to bring these products to your attention so you can join us in the fun of experimenting and being the first on your block to know what’s new! In this episode, our team of Kay Logsdon, Food Channel editor in chief, Locke Hilderbrand, our chief insights officer, and Stacy Nipstad, cultural curator, do a little creating in the kitchen using product from Philadelphia Cream Cheese.


We liked the product so decided to take it to the full podcast, so listen up AND watch for future episodes. You can also follow along via video!


Recipe for Olive Cream Cheese Bruschetta

Recipe for Watermelon Peach Pizza



No compensation, other than a product sample, was received for this review.


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