110 Ways to Sample Beer

110 Ways to Sample Beer

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110 Ways to Sample Beer


At Old Chicago Pasta and Pizza restaurants, customers have the opportunity to try an amazing variety of beers. The sign in front of the beer & pizza joint advertises ‘110 Beers’ but the place actually has more like 130 to choose from at any given time. That’s according to someone who would know, Old Chicago bartender Lorie Moore.

One of the most popular promotions at Old Chicago is its World Beer Tour. The WBT encourages customers to sample the company’s wide variety of beer choices—just not all on the same night, of course. A customer enrolling in the World Beer Tour is given a card which is then swiped whenever he or she tries a different kind of beer.

There are rewards for those who like to experiment with the many different flavors of beer. A patron who has tried 10 different beers receives an Old Chicago deck of playing cards. Forty beers gets you a ‘Classic Edition Bottle Opener,’ while 85 qualifies for an Old Chicago ball cap. When you’ve tried the magic number of 110 beers you get a WBT sweatshirt and your name emblazoned on a ‘Hall of Foam’ plaque at your local Old Chicago restaurant for all your friends to admire.

‘We’ve had many people who have made the complete tour several times,’ said General Manager Brad Clark. The quality of premiums goes up for multiple tour completists, to things like beer steins and fleece jackets.

Other Beer Clubs, Rewards

Harpo’s Sports Café in the Cleveland, Ohio, area promotes its Beer Club. The establishment offers 82 different bottled beers and ales to choose from, plus 37 beers on tap. Beer Club members are encouraged to watch for special pricing as different beers are featured.

The Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery chain offers ‘Mug Club’ rewards for members. Those who join get their own special mug, always waiting for them behind the bar, and are invited to special beer tappings and other brewery events, as well as other rewards.

Perhaps the best reward for participation in these beer clubs or tours is the maturing of one’s beer palette and the adventure of taste experimentation. Someone who’s spent years drinking mass-produced light beers might just discover a whole new world of beer flavors and nuances they never knew existed—and that’s probably more valuable than a deck of cards.

VIDEO: The Old Chicago crew takes you on a tour of the World Beer Tour.


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