"Frugal Food" Makes a Comeback

"Frugal Food" Makes a Comeback

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"Frugal Food" Makes a Comeback


By Cari Martens

The economy’s downturn has much of the world tightening its belt today. People aren’t just doing more home cooking—they’re also cooking more frugally. Hence, the renewed popularity of Delia Smith’s classic cookbook, Frugal Food.

Originally published during another difficult economic decade, the 1970’s, Frugal Food has been reissued with a new, more contemporary-looking cover, and this time it’s in hardcover. But the recipes ‘are as relevant as ever’ says author Delia Smith, now 67. Smith is what you might call Britain’s answer to Martha Stewart, although most Brits would be quick to let you know Ms. Smith made her mark well before Ms. Stewart.

The book contains penny-pinching recipes for 170 dishes including oxtail hotpot, kidney-stuffed onions, and herrings fried in oatmeal. It also includes Smith’s 10-point ‘Cheap Charter,’ sage advice on how to save money in the kitchen. Among her counsel are suggestions to use dry cider instead of wine in cooking, and to use fruits and vegetables while they are in season.

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